Springtime shedding


Spring is in the air and so is all the fur coming off all the dogs and horses. My grey Arab, Kid, is shedding like mad. I brushed him out this morning and it was like a snow storm in the sun, hair everywhere. Now on the other hand there is little “Moe” the 1.5 year old mini, that is shedding out so slow I am thinking about ways to help the shedding process along. Last year he never shed out so I had to clip him. Apparently it takes anywhere from 2-4 years for a miniature horse to get into the cycle of shedding out properly. I have been reading about what to add to his diet that may encourage him to shed out. So far I added a mineral block in his stall that has added selenium. Having him on a regular worming schedule also helps the shedding process. Somehow I don’t believe that one since he was on a regular worming schedule last year and he still didn’t shed. He, like the rest of our horses, are wormed for general health benefits.

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