Taking care of a sick animal

It is never fun to take care of a sick or injured animal. This morning I discovered one of my horses was sick. She was shaking all over and would not move when I tried to take her out of her stall. It was then I noticed that all 4 of her lower legs were swollen. I put a blanket on her and took her out of her stall to check her out. I immediately thought she had foundered but this was different. I gave her some bute and called the vet. All the vets were busy today and mine did not arrive until late this afternoon. I have a tendency to worry about my animals until the vet comes.

The verdict was she has a virus of some type. Not the normal ones that she has been vaccinated for but just an odd one. She is now on a painkiller and antibiotics for any secondary infection that might occur. Stall rest and hand walking for the next few days. At least her hooves are ok – not foundering. That took a load off my mind, me the worry wort.

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