Valentines Day and your pets

As pet owners we are often aware of the plants that are toxic to our pets. Our non-pet owning friends are in the dark about matters like that. Come this Valentines Day your well meaning friends might give you a plant or flower that could kill your pet. Here is a list of toxic plants and flowers that you should be aware of:

  • Azaleas, the entire plant is toxic
  • Daffodils, the bulbs are poisonous
  • Day Lily, the entire plant is toxic to cats
  • Easter Lily, the entire plant is toxic to cats
  • English Ivy, entire plant
  • Foxglove, the leaves are toxic
  • Iris, the leaves and roots are toxic
  • Lily of the Valley, leaves and flowers are toxic

At this point you are probably thinking that a nice box of chocolates would be better. Just keep in mind that chocolate can be toxic to dogs.  No matter what type of gifts you might receive on Valentines Day this year, keep your pets away from them for their own safety.


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