Christmas shopping for my pets

Every year my pets get some treats for Christmas. It could be anything from an apple and a carrot for each horse to a new doggy bed for each of our dogs. This year it looks like I might be getting more elaborate gifts for my pets. Since most of our local stores don't have a large selection of pet and livestock supplies, I will be doing the Cyber Monday shopping thing, but not on Cyber Monday.

Internet shopping for my horses has become a habit since the local tack shops started shutting down almost 7 years ago. Remember Stateline Tack that use to be inside each Petsmart? Petsmart got rid of them and when they did that I stopped shopping there. So online I went. I have become a regular shopper of some online tack supply stores and I know which ones to avoid. I also find out from my cyber friends which ones have given them poor service and avoid them too. If online companies think that their customers do not talk about them online, then they would be wrong, very wrong.


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