Don’t forget to visit my free stuff page

With the number of visitors this blog gets each day, I really wonder why more people don’t visit the free stuff page. I just updated it yet again. I try to find items and update the page at least once a week.

Are you aware that there are free movies and apps listed as well as links to coupons? Bookmark the page and drop in at least once a week to see if there is anything new.

We all like free stuff and many websites and companies give out free samples all the time. Why not take advantage of those offerings? If they want your email address, do like I do and give them a hotmail or Gmail address so they can fill it up with all kinds of advertising and not mess with your “real” email. It just takes that extra step to get a hotmail or Gmail just for that purpose.

Well, now I am off to look for more freebies just for you.


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