Introducing the Chipmunk Pig

chipmunk pig

Move over Pot Belly pigs, there is a new pet pig craze going on, this time the pigs are smaller and have stripes.  They are the Chipmunk Pig.

This little piggy has stripes like a Chipmunk and weighs under 15 pounds when full grown.  They are trained to be housebroken and kept inside the house.

I know of several people who are just crazy over these little pigs. One of them has one that her own cat is bigger than the pig and her Jack Russel thinks it is another puppy.

Because of their small size, I do not recommend them to be kept with other livestock and they would make an easy meal for predators. Like all pigs, they do give off a scent that is unique to pigs but that can be kept under control with bathing and keeping the pig in clean surroundings.

Here is a video of one from YouTube:


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