Many animal breeders are now faced with the same problem as dog breeders had

Years ago purebred dogs and cats where in high demand. Along came the average person that had a registered dog or cat and thought it might be fun to have a litter or 2 and make some money along the way. Low and behold, lots of people thought that way and we became swamped with unwanted dogs and cats everywhere. Then it became the norm to spay or neuter your pet.

Well the same has happened to the horse world. The sagging economy has only heightened the awareness of it. Too many people breed their mare in the hopes to sell the baby only to find out that everyone else is doing that too. There is now a glut on the market of the unhandled, unregistered 1, 2, and 3 year old horses. Many horse classified sites are displaying an over abundance of horses. It is much the same as the real estate market right now – a buyers market in the horse world.

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