Pets are suffering because of foreclosures

It has come to my attention that many of the houses that have gone into foreclosure in the USA also have become sites of animal abandonment. A few real estate agents are reporting that they have found animals locked up both in the houses and in the backyards of the now empty homes. Some animals have survived others have not. All kinds of pets from dogs and cats to reptiles have been found. This is a call out to all animal lovers. If you know of a house in your neighborhood that the family was forced to move out of please make sure that they took their pets with them, if they had any. I know that it is a sad situation for a family to lose their home and many cannot find another place to live that will also take their pets. Animal rescues and shelters are also reporting they are full so taking their pets to a place of safety may not be an option. This is a bad situation all around for people and their pets.

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