Recycle that old fish tank

Reusing old items is now becoming the “in” thing to do. I have a 55 gallon aquarium that has a crack on one corner. It is no longer able to be water tight but for the last 6 years it has been home to our parakeet. Now I see that companies are cashing in on the idea of fish tank recycling.


Just look at the little photo above. It is called a Tank Topper . It seems to be a pretty neat idea. It converts a 10 gallon tank into a home for hamsters or mice. For just a make shift home it is not bad, except for the price. Where I found it online it was for sale for $30, not including shipping. For that price I could get a cage with a wheel so the little rodents could get some exercise too.

When we had hamsters, we had those tubes that you connect together. Ours was a big set up for just one hamster. She had 3 tanks and lots of tubes to explore – pretty much like the photo below, except ours was larger.


Since we added on to ours a piece at a time it probably cost more than the $30 tank topper but the hamster sure looked like she was having fun, almost as much fun as we had watching her. I even remember getting her one of those balls that you put the hamster in and put them on the floor. They could explore the livingroom without getting hurt or lost.


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