Will you be getting your pet a gift for Christmas?

Gift giving has become a big industry as of recent years. For the past 15 years or so buying Christmas stockings for dogs and cats has become almost the norm in stores everywhere. People don’t hesitate to buy their pet a Christmas gift now. My sister-in-law sends us a Christmas card every year with her name, her husband’s name and all their pet’s names on it. They have 2 dogs and 2 birds. I often joke that I ought to send a card back to her with ALL our names on it – 3 people, 4 dogs, 6 horses, 1 bird, 1 rabbit and 9 cats. My husband says no but her husband (my husband’s brother) says I should do it because he is sick of her treating the pets like they are their kids.  But enough of the family feud, are you going to get a gift for your pet this year?

My horses will all get carrots or apples and the dogs will all get a big dog biscuit each. The cats, bird and rabbit don’t seem to be the types to care for any special treats one way or the other. I have one friend that says she is getting her horse a saddle for a Christmas gift. I had to argue with her on that one. I said the saddle was for her not the horse. Ah, Christmas, only 14 days till it is here.

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