Life always throws you a curve ball

This morning I was out in the barn feeding the horses when I heard this Gawd awful sound. It sounded like someone calling “mom” in a panicked voice. I had just dropped my daughter off at school so I knew it was not her. I started to look around and found a kitten about 5 weeks old laying near the hay. It was one of the feral kittens I had seen in the barn yesterday. The kitten was very lively then and ran from us. This time it was crying those death moans. If you have ever been around a cat dying – you know the cry. It was cold to the touch and almost limp. I scooped it up and took it into the house. I figured if it was going to die it might as well go in the comfort of a warm house. That was only about an hour ago. As I write this the kitten is on my lap, as I am trying to warm it up. It’s breathing is very shallow. It did take a few licks of some canned cat food I offered it but it looks like it’s little system is shutting down.

Husband does not know about the kitten yet, he is still wondering how we are going to pay for the kitten vet bill that I brought into the house 3 weeks ago. I know he is going to say, “not another one!”

But most of all please send prayers for the little one.


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