Recycling, the farm way

If you live in the city, recycling is all about putting cans, bottles and cardboard in the roadside recycle bins next to your trash. For us county folk it is just a bit different. Since we don't have recycle bins but still have trash bins we do our own recycling without the help of the garbage company.

For example, all our "green" trash goes into the compost pit for the spring vegetable garden. Brush clippings either get used as starter wood the next year once it has been seasoned or goes into the chipper to be used as mulch around the flower beds. We also recycle our used horseshoes. Since my husband welds he has made some nice western style decor items for our home. The wide shoes are made into shelf brackets and the smaller shoes made into items used in the kitchen.

Our recycling does not end there. I will often take old blankets and quilts and set them up in boxes in the barn for the barn cats to sleep in. Husband takes pride in the fact that he washes those blankets at least every 10 days to keep his cats comfy. When the blankets get really worn out they then get tossed or cut up and used to wrap pipes that might freeze in the winter.

We are always looking for ways to reuse items and often do.


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