The rising price of pet food

If you have been watching the news lately, then you are aware of the rapidly rising food prices. Some people are blaming the cost of crude oil others are showing evidence that organized crime is behind it all. Whatever the cause is we end up paying the higher price. Dry dog and cat food prices are starting to rise at a daily rate. I buy lamb and rice formula for my dogs and because of the rising price of rice, that dog food has gone up too. Dry cat foods have wheat in them so expect a rise in those prices very soon if you haven’t encountered them already.

The effect of the economy has struck the the local llama and alpaca breeders too. Once promoted as a great way to earn a living, alpaca breeders are giving alpacas away. Only last year I saw a male alpaca advertised as a “fiber” producer and great pet to good home only for $3000. That was considered a low price for an alpaca. A few weeks ago our local craigslist had 2 of them (both males) free to good home. I have also seen the same for llamas, both male and female “free to good home”. The economy is starting to hit pet and livestock owners hard.


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