Dog training

We have 4 dogs and only one of them lives indoors. The indoor one is a min pin and since we live out in the countryside it would be fatal to leave him out at night. We have bobcats and coyotes that would make a nice snack out of him. The other 3 are big dogs that prefer to be outdoors. They all have kennels and live in our out outbuildings. Unfortunately one of the main reasons for them being outdoor dogs is the fact they all have a training problem. One of them like to chew. She will chew anything and if we don’t close doors to our work-sheds she will go in there and take an expensive (I think sometimes she knows what we pay for them) tool and chew it until it is useless. Another one has a nasty habit of getting excited and pees. She only does it when inside though so I am not quite sure why she does it. The last one would love to come in but she is just too big! She has one of those tails that just knocks over everything. This coming winter I may have her in the house because she is getting older now and needs to stay warmer with her old bones.

I have the room to accommodate my “problem” dogs. Many people don’t have those choices. Our peeing one I got from the local pound at the age of 6 months old. She was there because she was too much energy for her owners. The big clue is that she is a Siberian Husky, a high energy breed. If you are unaware of the breed characteristics that each breed has then you may be in for a training nightmare.

I have a short list of training programs and books that might be helpful for the person looking for a training solution for their dog or puppy.

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