The weather is getting better so there is less time for blogging

It is that time of the year when I spend most of my free hours outside. I have got to get my vegetable garden up and growing. I have 2 horses to train as well as get my daughter interested in riding again after being dumped twice last summer. My time will not be spent in front of the TV or sitting much at the computer other than paying the bills and the occasional blog post. The websites will be on the back burner and my life will consist of varying degrees of sun exposure (got to remember to wear a hat and sunscreen). The sun has been setting at 8pm and will be setting near 10pm on the longest day of the year in my part of the world. I have also noticed a marked drop off of visitors to this blog as well as the websites. This is normal for this time of year as most of my readers are also spending more time away from the internet. I have heard some updates on several of the animal news stories that have appeared on this blog in the last few months so I might (if I have the time) post the news about them. Right now I have more pressing matters – to enjoy my own animals and quit writing about everyone else’s for awhile.

The cart for my miniature horse arrived a few days ago so I will be putting him in harness for more ground work and probably hitching him up before the week is done. Right now I am off to buy a load of hay.


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