Training your chicken

I had thought I have seen some of the most unusual animals tricks and training videos around. I even put the bunny show video on this blog awhile back. Now I present to you for your laughing entertainment – the Chicken Clicker Training. Yes this is an actual training video for training chickens.

Now quite frankly we have a parakeet and the only thing I would like to train it to do is not try and bite you when to change the water in it’s cage. I think I have our cat to thank for the current attitude the bird has. Now I really don’t mind a successful animal trainer demonstrating their abilities to communicate with different animal species. I think that it should end at the demonstrating level and not go to the next level of trying to sell everyone else the idea that they can train an animal too. I have known far too many people that lack even the slightest ability to housebreak their own dog and leash training was a failure. It was not because of the dog but the fact that the human was no good at communicating to the animal the wishes of the human without the human getting upset or emotional about the whole thing. These are the same people that resort to hitting an animal for soiling the rug or lifting a leg in the house. If someone locked you in a house with no bathroom, what would you do? Go take a look at training your chicken and have a good laugh, who knows you might have a chicken to train.


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