Deer in the backyard

This print, by Bob Travers reminds me of a incident that took place a few days ago in our backyard.


Instead of it being a back and doe running, it was a doe with her very small fawn darting away from the house. I had seen the doe a few weeks ago when she attacked our dog.

When she attacked my min pin a few weeks ago I was only a few yards away and saw the whole thing. I was walking one of our dogs on a lead out in pasture with my min pin running loose. We all spotted a deer on the neighbors property at the far back of our land. There was a 5 foot high fence that separated us from the doe. My little min pin was acting like a big dog and was barking at the doe. At first it startled her and she hopped away. Then she turned and came right up to the fence and looked at my min pin right through the fence. She then hopped the fence and chased him and tried to stomp him to death. She then hopped back over the fence and darted off.

It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. My min pin was unhurt and we continuted our walk. A few minutes later that same deer came darting past us and we saw a small fawn come running out of the opposite side of the pasture. She had come back for her baby and that was the reason she had attacked.


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