How fast can a cheetah go?


How often have you heard that the cheetah is the fastest land animal? I bet at least a few times in your life. Would it surprise you that its claim to being the fastest land animal has been refuted a few times? The gazelle that the cheetah often hunts has been timed at faster speeds than the cheetah. Like most predators, the cheetah will hunt only those animals that are easy prey victims. Those victims will obviously be slower then the cheetah, which can travel up to 75 miles an hour for short bursts, otherwise the cheetah would always catch what it chases. The cheetah is a light weight cat. You will not find a wild, fat, cheetah. Another interesting fact about the cheetah is the fact its claws cannot retract fully like other cats. The claws help the cheetah during running by giving the cat added traction.


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