Is John McCain anti-wildlife?

A recent 5 year study funded by the US government has found that the Grizzly bear is making a comeback from near extinction. That is wonderful news by itself but did you know that John McCain voted against the funding of the study? He, McCain, in some speeches and in an advertisement earlier this year, erroneously said the study cost $3 million (it cost $4.8 million), adding "I don't know if it was a paternity issue or criminal, but it was a waste of money," – referring to the the money spent.

Now before you jump in and say that why does it matter how many bears were found? The answer is so that the Grizzly bear could be eventually taken off of the endangered list. The study found that there are only 760+ bears left in the wild. Old estimates put the population at 300+. The study's results will help biologists determine whether the bear still needs federal protection, a conclusion due out early next year. It will also track the population increases and decreases since there had been no prior study on the Grizzly bear population until now.

Grizzly bear


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