Jessica Simpson’s small dog grabbed by coyote


On Monday Jessica Simpson’s dog was snatched by a wild coyote, so reports CNN.  Jessica is reported to be offering a reward for the dog. Now the part that CNN did not report was the fact that coyotes love to eat dogs. A dog to a coyote is very easy prey and in fact they have some elaborate methods to grab dogs.

If you have ever been out on a trail either running, jogging, walking, biking or horseback riding with your dog along side here is a tip that will keep your dog from becoming a snack for those intelligent coyotes. KEEP THE DOG ON A LEASH or LEAVE THE DOG AT HOME!

What a coyote pack will do is send out one lone coyote to entice your dog to play. Your dog thinks the coyote is just another dog that wants to play. They start chasing each other and it looks like great fun. The coyote is slowly luring the dog further and further away from you and towards the other coyotes which are waiting for the dog. Once the dog has been lured away the whole packs then attacks the dog at once and kills their meal.

A lone coyote is a lure. Coyotes never hunt alone they travel in packs just like wolves and other wild dogs. Dogs and wild dogs are pack animals. Don’t ever be fooled into thinking there is just one. Jessica Simpson never saw the other coyotes but believe me, they were there.

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