The hippo, guardian of water crossings

The great animal migration in Africa is one of the most grueling ordeals that the animals undertake each year. Crossing large rivers is sometimes a deadly occurrence. More and more tourists in the area are armed with video cameras. They are capturing some remarkable incidences involving hippos helping other animals during those river crossings. I bet you didn't realize that the hippo is not only feared by crocodiles but also shows a gentler side to other mammals. 

Hippos are known to be the kings of the river and are feared by crocodiles. You would not think that hippos also act as crossing guards during the migrations but apparently they do. Below is a video of several such occurrences. The baby zebra is one of my favorite sections of the film. You might want to turn off the sound since the music is loud. No narration on this video but the video did appear on National Geo some time back.


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