Up date on Snowball the deer

This morning the judge ordered Snowball the deer returned to the family that has raised her from a fawn. Snowball was found as a very young fawn with a broken leg. A family in Oregon took her in and cared for her. The condition of her leg and her unusual color were the reasons the family did not turn her back into the wild. While she was living with the family on their remote farm she became pregnant and gave birth to Bucky.

In September of this year (2007) the local Fish and Game officials came and took Snowball and Bucky away from the only home they have ever known. The reason given was they did not have a permit to keep them. The family fought to regain the pet deer. On October 18th, 2007, Bucky was released into the wild. A tame deer let loose during hunting season! What were those people thinking?

The saga continues as we will see if indeed Snowball will be returned and if Fish and Game try to pull another twist on this story.


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