We have eagles


Those majestic birds of prey, the eagles, are no longer listed on the endangered species list. I am fortunate enough to live in an area where those large birds can be seen everyday. There are several nesting platforms located next to major roadways that are occupied by either bald eagles or their close relatives the osprey.  The osprey looks very much like the bald eagle but has more white feathers.

The book, Just Eagles , can give you more information on the habits and life of the bald eagle. It is currently sold out in many places online but you might get it on sale near you.

A common notion is that eagles mate for life. Is that true? Well, yes and no. If one of the mating pair dies, the survivor does not mourn but finds another mate. So it is more likely they mate until death. "For life" would imply that the survivor does not find another mate but instead refuses all other mates because of the memories of the lost mate. Almost all of the larger bird species stay with one mate until one of them dies, so that is common. Swans and owls are also noted for staying with one mate. It is not known whether the mating pair stay together during the non-breeding season or just reunite when they are in their breeding territory during the breeding months.


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