Where to go to see Sea Turtles hatch

sea turtle

You have watched them hatch on TV or in the movies but where can you go to watch baby sea turtles emerge from the sand in person? One place is the Brunswick Islands, located in North Carolina, USA. There is a fascinating video on this website that shows the night time hatching of loggerhead turtles.

While you are on that website you can also find more information about the local wildlife around the Islands.

Sea Turtle fun facts –

  • There are about 8 different turtle species
  • Each species of turtle has a different diet
  • Some turtles are vegetarian and others eat shell fish or jelly fish
  • Time from laying of eggs till hatching is approximately 60 days
  • Sea turtles were around when the dinosaurs ruled the Earth
  • They can weigh from 150 to over a 1000 pounds when full grown
  • Only females come to shore to lay eggs, males stay in the water all of their lives

Now that you know a bit more about sea turtles you just might be interested enough to go and see them in person on your next vacation.


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