Would you eat tiger steaks or python?


The internet has not only made it easier for people to communicate all over the world but also it has become a venue for the black market. Did you know that you could order tiger and lion meat? How about alligator steaks? I am not talking about some far off country but a company in the USA. On their website you can order a large variety of exotic meats all with questionable origins.

As far as I know there are no laws or regulations selling this type of food service. I wonder where they are getting their products from. There is no indication on their website where the meat comes from.

Are they getting the lion and tiger meat from zoo animals or poaching? Are they breeding a raising zebras for meat too?

By now you want to know where this website that I am talking about is. Wonder no more here is the link:

Exotic Meats
As you look through the website you will notice that there are many people that have left testimonies on there. I wonder who in their right mind would want their name associated with such a dubious product.

If you are disgusted about this whole thing then you are not alone. There is another website called Big Cat Rescue that is not only disgusted with it but is taking it to the next level and is sending out emails to government officials to enact laws against the slaughter of these animals for human food. Here is the link to the petition on Big Cat Rescue.

Big Cat Rescue – stop the exotic meat market


Since writing this post in 2009, the exotic meat website has disappeared but I have found several have taken their  place. Just do a search on exotic meats and you will find several of those companies in business. One of them sells coyote meat.


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